Packages and Rates

The treatments are all inclusive of food and accommodation.

1. Relaxation package. Duration: 1-7 days. Rate:Rs.3500/- (for single person). per room/per day.
Rs.5500/-(for two persons). per room/per day.
2. Kalari Marma Massage Specialized massage with foot and using hands in a specialized technique. Duration:1 - 7 days. Rate: 
Rs.5000/- (for one person)/per day.
3. Special packages a) Rejuvenation programme - : Abhyangam & steam, Pizhichil, Ela kizhi, Njavara kizhi,Siro dhara and the like. Duration:10 days. Rate: Rs.62,000/-(for one person).
  b) Stress Management - : Abhyangan & steam, Nasyam, Ela Kizhi, Pizhichil and more. Duration:14 days. Rate: Rs.80,500/-(for one person).
    c) Glowing Skin Therapy - :Udwarthanam, Body lepam, Abhyangam&steam, Face massage and more. Duration:7 days. Rate: Rs.36,500/-(for one person).
    d) Total Spine Care - : :Rukshaswedam, Abhyangam & steam,Pizhichil, Kadivasthi,Ela kizhi and the like. Duration:14 days. Rate: Rs.71,000/-(for one person).
    e) Obesity Management- : Udwarthanam,Rukshaswedam,Ela Kizhi or Choorna kizhi, Kashaya Vasthi, Abhyangam& steam and more. Duration:21 days. Rate: Rs.99,750/- (for one person).

Along with these we provide Yoga with an importance to Pranayama for the perfect balance of the mind and body. This is done in accordance with the individual needs and the body constitution of the person.